September 18, 2021

Irish Rabbit Hare trio could not stick the heat wave in Dublin, Ireland – July 2021

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A trio wild adult group of Irish Rabbit – Hare type animal’s where spotted in Dublin city of Ireland on Wednesday July 21st 2021 during the near peak of one of the hottest summer July’s in the last few decades.

The trio had to take cover from the roasting above average temperatures in Ireland in the shade from the sun behind a phone box on a safe patch of green with nobody around.

The moment when they where spotted was during the after-noon of Wednesday and the temperature that we checked at that very time where 27 degrees celsius with no clouds and clear skies making the direct sunlight even stronger with no clouds.

The average temperature in July in Ireland is normally be anywhere between 10 to 17 degrees celsius on average.

There is nothing we could of done to help as if we got to close they would just run away much faster than any human can.

Wild Rabbits or hare where first brought into Ireland and the UK in the middle ages by the Normans to help provide meat to consume.

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