September 19, 2021

Ireland – September – October 2021 weather outlook not looking good so far

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The weather for the start of September will carry on pretty fine, mild, dry and light winds due to the current extra large area of high pressure locked over Ireland till mid September at the total max we think, but more likely much sooner it will end during the mid second week or close too partly due to low pressure from the West and North-West.

The jet stream looks like it may start to get stronger again for the second half of September and push low pressure systems, some with very heavy rain and making it feel rather breezy at times, the wind will be mostly noticed for the last week in September and first week and a half into October 2021.

Some of the low pressure systems may form into a storm system from the North-West across Ireland but possibly only affecting the West and South-West over all for the moment.

Around the second week in October a possible long streak of heavy rain will move towards Ireland from the South or South-West.

It might only affect the South but maybe the South- East and Dublin aswell, if it doe’s happen it won’t last to long overall.

Looking at world weather charts from 28th 08 – 2021 we have noticed the same pattern that made us predict a cold start to Winter last year, only a guess but in other words cold start in November or a big attempt from one happening from the North and North-West.

That’s all for now and don’t take this 100% serious as it’s only an opinion on our behalf.

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